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come get you some SALTY BEATS!
fillin' the culture void in SLC
[UP] Various Covers 
amatsuki⎛ginshu ○ to be the miracle
So this place is pretty dead, huh? Anyway! An attempt at reviving it with some awesome cover songs. You know you love them, everyone does.

  • Poison - Groove Coverage
    Originally by Alice Cooper. How can you not download this. Really. You'd never forgive yourself.

  • Bad Moon Rising - Rasputina
    Originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival. This is a most epic cover, trust me.

  • All Along the Watchtower - The Fratellis
    Originally by Bob Dylan. Especially good if you have Watchmen soundtrack fever.

  • Desperado - KOKIA
    Originally by The Eagles. This is a female Jpop singer covering The Eagles. And it is gorgeous.

  • Toxic - Local H
    Originally by Britney Spears. You need more covers of this song. You know you do.

  • What You Waiting For - Franz Ferdinand
    Originally by Gwen Stefani. Franz. Ferdinand. Covering. Gwen. Stefani.

  • Feel Good Inc. - Editors
    Originally by Gorillaz. If you download one cover off this entry, make it this one.

  • Comments 
    31Mar09 (UTC)
    I just listened to them ALL, and they are breathtaking. Thanks!

    I especially like Toxic, Feel Good Inc., and Poison.
    31Mar09 (UTC)
    I love that cover of Toxic so much, and Feel Good Inc and Poison are just like... wtf this is the same song? Thanks, Teddy. ♥
    31Mar09 (UTC)
    Yeah. Groove Coverage and Alice Cooper kinda... blows my mind.
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