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come get you some SALTY BEATS!
fillin' the culture void in SLC
[CONCERT] Illegal Beagle 
Nobody has posted anything in forever. -_-

Just a quick Edit:

Guys, I like constructive criticism, but screaming and drama just makes for a very sad community. I will delete any such comments upon sight, because really it doesn't fix anything. Also, if you would please try to at least use correct English spelling and grammar, I would love you to death for not hurting my eyes.
Keep in mind that this was my very first local show, and I'm not really introduced to it yet. Also, keep in mind that a lot of this is my opinion on the bands themselves. So, if you don't like how much excessive caps lock I used to describe The Mooks, shove off. Thanks!

I just totally saw one of the best concerts of my life.
Sorry I didn't post about this, like, idk, ahead of time, but that just shows how much I fail for your amusement.

I just came from the Kilby Court, where I saw these local (mostly) ska bands:

1. The Fast Food Kings (Technically they're from Colorado)
2. The Mooks
3. Illegal Beagle
4. In Key Drop Outs

The sad part is that due to time restraints and families, I had to leave before In Key Drop Outs, who I really wanted to see, but there's always next time!

First off, Kilby Court is a real chill venue, and you guys should all go to a show there sometime. Low on security, high on friendliness. The members of the bands joined the skankpit for other bands. There was a fucking campfire outside. I mean, seriously, who would not love it?
I must admit that the bathrooms were kind of sketchy, as well as being not actually in the venue itself.

On to my reactions!
1. The Fast Food Kings
Honestly, I'm not so psyched about them. They're pretty adorable, and the music is okay, but they're kinda poserish? Or at least as poserish as you can be in a local ska scene, which is not much. Actually, they're not local, which is probably why they didn't get the same reception. As Nessie pointed out after their set, they sounded like one of those "Rawr-I'mma-Beat-You-Up" kind of ska bands, but the lead singer really didn't look the type, so they just kinda came off as pushovers. But the music was okay. And Nessie and Rose got free CDs (which they will upload for me because I didn't get one), so it'll all turn out good, or so it is to be hoped.

2. The Mooks
THEY WERE ADORABLE, I SHIT YOU NOT. Some of their songs were about comic books and math. They were nerdtastic (a good thing). I had a nerdgasm (also a good thing). It was amazing.

3. Illegal Beagle
Huge, huge shout out to them. Probably my favorite local band, and they have been for a while. This was the first time I officially saw them live (although I did see a gig at a high school and saw them practice a couple times), and I'm feeling pretty good about it. They opened with a cover of the Cantina song from Star Wars. You know, the one that plays when Han and Luke first meet? Yeah, that one. IT WAS AWESOME. The trumpet/(electric-)fiddle player actually brought a lightsaber. This is how awesome they are. They also played a song called Boba Fett, which is possibly the best song in existence, if not only the best starwars-related song in existence. They did not play Disasterbation (a song about a kid who masturbated with hand sanitizer), which I was sad about for like two seconds. But other than that it was amazing.

I skanked for the first time, and I was not half as suckish as I assumed I would be. Must get lessons from a professional skanker.
I'm still a bit upset about leaving before In Key Drop Outs, but they'll play other times, so I'll catch them later.

Oh, by the way, Illegal Beagle has their first CD out. Five tracks, five bucks. Honestly, I don't know where you could find one outside their live shows, but I'm listening to it right now, and it's pretty worth it.

I'm feeling generally happy about the local ska scene here in Salt Lake. It's small, everyone knows each other, and the music is good to boot. Definitely worth checking out!
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