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come get you some SALTY BEATS!
fillin' the culture void in SLC
[REC] Modwheelmood 
trent, reznor
Hey, guys.
Teddy here with recommendations!

If you like acoustic indie stuff, I highly recommend a little band called Modwheelmood.
They don't have any full-lengths. However, they do have 5 EPs which are pretty damn good.
They are:
? (2003)
Enemies and Immigrants (2006)
Pearls To Pigs, Vol. 1 (2007)
Pearls To Pigs, Vols. 2&3 (both 2008)

They're not very popular, except in the NIN fanbase, and even there not as much because they have such a different sound. So whoever hears about them is usually too obsessed with NIN's heavy industrial sound to enjoy Modwheelmood, and those who would enjoy Modwheelmood usually never hear about them because they don't pay attention to NIN.

Well. Gettin' the word out!
Here's one of my fave songs by them (Mhz, off Pearls to Pigs Vol. 1):

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