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come get you some SALTY BEATS!
fillin' the culture void in SLC
For those of you who are into ska~ 
Hey, citizens of Salt Lake! (Hey!)
Guess what? (What?!)
You into ska? (Hell to the yeah~)
Then I'm sure you've heard of Illegal Beagle! (Illegal Beagle? What's that?!)

Good question, my wayward children!
Illegal Beagle is a clusterfuck of crazy chaps who enjoy Village Inn, and creating music, and even creating music at Village Inn.
Their lyrics encompass everything from The Tragic Story of Ryan Raunchy, Who Used Hand Sanitizer As Lubricant to lighter, happier themes, such as Boba Fett, Who Lives With Jabba the Hutt.
Ah, Star Wars references. How I love thee. (They sound like a whole lot of fun!)
Damn right they do. (Hey, Teddy, do they have a myspace? It would sure help me keep up with their progress!)

Why, yes, they do have a myspace! myspace.com/illegalbeaglemmska
They're trying to get all their stuff recorded, so right now they only have one song up, but they're mm'mm fingerlickin good!
Read their backstory.
It is fantastic, and totally happened in real life.
No exceptions.
Most of their shows are five bucks and sometimes free, and they play with a lot of other good local bands.
So if any shows come up, I'll be sure to let you guys know!

Also, their lead singer is gorgeous
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